We are often asked about the company name. Why “Murph Dog?” people wonder. There are so many names of concrete companies. Most names claim to boast superior quality or commitment and work ethics. It goes without saying that a small company must have these qualities in order to succeed. We didn’t want a corny name that tried to explain our values or work ethics . We’ll let our workmanship speak for itself!

After a few days of trying to think of a name, I looked at my dog and then it came to me . Murphy! My dog!  He’s the most loyal being I have ever met and oozes with integrity . That’s exactly what this company should stand for. There it is , Murph Dog Concrete!

Two brothers, as owner and co-owner of the company we also are always on site doing the work to ensure that the work is done accordingly. There’s no sitting in the office or going out to lunch and hoping laborers get it done . We do the work and make sure it’s done right the first time. We work and communicate patiently with home owners and contractors to make sure projects are up to standards and preferences. We do our best to satisfy our clients and in turn, we get a good night’s rest.

Murph Dog


Murphy is a cross bred German Shepard, Siberian husky. He is fun-loving and loves people, especially kids.